photo: Alek Živković, Zoran Rašić

Nevena Ivanović is a designer from Belgrade, Serbia, who stands behind the NEO Design brand. What characterizes NEO and sets it apart from other brands is merging of the past and the future in an authentic way. NEO design strives to return the traditional techniques of making clothes and jewelry to a new age. She connects the past and the future in the present moment, which she records through costume collections, performances, a series of photographs and unique pieces of clothing intended for #neowarriors. During the 8 years that the brand has existed, it has won over 10 awards, in Serbia and all around the world. Very often NEO pieces are made of recycled materials or “dead stock” materials of major world fashion brands. NEO Design is based on the idea that it is not necessary to abandon tradition in order to enjoy the benefits of modern life. The value system that NEO represents is sustainability, transparency, authenticity, honesty, inclusion, care for the environment and all the people gathered around this idea. The greatest value of the brand are people who create, love and wear NEO and all those others who believe in the same ideas.